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The Who's Who of Redmond Middle School and other information you need to know.

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  • Mission Statement See how the culture and guiding principles at Redmond Middle School reflect its mission and belief statements.
  • Staff Directory A - Z Each staff member, their email address link and voice mailbox number, displayed in an alphabetical list.
  • Annual Report Please take a closer look at the students and staff of Redmond Middle School by reading the Annual Report. Inside you'll read about test scores, special programs and demographic information.

More Information about Redmond Middle School

Redmond Middle School Feeder Schools are...

Norman Rockwell Elementary, Horace Mann Elementary, Clara Barton, Redmond Elementary and Einstein Elementary.

Redmond Middle School Students move on to...

Redmond High School

Redmond Middle School SIP Plan


ASB Fund Balance Reports
Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are raised by and for students. These funds are used for optional, extracurricular events that are cultural, athletic, recreational, or social. These funds are not available for graded student activities that are part of the school curriculum.


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