7th to 8th grade math placement

Dear Families,

This letter is to inform you of your student’s math registration options for the 2024-25 school year at Redmond Middle School. As students finish seventh grade this spring, there are two math options for next year: 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1. Please read this document carefully to make an informed choice.

All students will be enrolled in Math 8. If you prefer that your student takes Algebra 1 please use this form to select that option: (form sent in email). You must make this request by April 14, 2024. Please carefully consider this choice. It may not be possible to change your student’s placement mid-year.

Algebra 1: Students entering 8th grade may take Algebra 1. Algebra 1 is a full year high school course. Students passing this course in 8th grade will be on track to take high levels of math in high school, including AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics (see pathway at the end of this document). Per Policy 2410P, high school courses taken and passed in middle school are automatically given high school credit and recorded on the high school transcript, unless requested otherwise. See the LWSD High School Guide for more information.

Topics include:

  • Write, interpret, and translate between various forms of equations. This includes linear, simple exponential, inequalities, and functions.
  • Interpret arithmetic and geometric sequences as linear functions. Describe linear relationships and interpret linear models.
  • Use the laws of exponents. Create quadratic and exponential expressions to solve equations including systems, inequalities, and quadratics.
  • Identify the real solutions of quadratic equations.
  • The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout the course.

8th Grade Math links previous math understandings to the foundations of algebra, geometry and statistics. This course supports students to succeed in high school and beyond. Students taking this course will be on track to take the required Algebra 1 and Geometry in high school and will have access to high level math courses such as Math Analysis and AP Statistics as a senior. This course will contain some repetition of topics from Math 7+. See pathway at the end of this document.

Topics include:

  • Use Radicals and integer exponents.
  • Make connections between proportional relationships, lines and linear equations.
  • Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of equations.
  • Understand function notation and use functions to model relationships.
  • Apply congruence and similarity.
  • Understand and use Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.

Overview of 8th grade standards - click here

Data Considerations for making a decision about 8th Grade math: Some data points can help predict student success if considering placement into Algebra 1 as an 8th grade student. At minimum, a student considering Algebra 1 should have:

  • Passing grades in Math 7+
  • On Track for being at standard by the end of the year on FastBridge screener.
  • Score of 3 or 4 on the two most recent Math Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA)

Test scores were included in the email to families.
Current test scores are available to all families under the test scores tab in skyward.

Optional support: Students have access to ALEKS, LWSD’s online math learning environment. Students are encouraged to use it to help prepare for 8th grade. It is available through mid-August.

Planning with your student: When considering math placement, discuss the following questions with your student:

  • What are my student’s math goals? What is my student’s anticipated course sequence through middle and high school to reach those math goals?
  • Has my student demonstrated both procedural fluency and deep understanding of Math 6+ topics?
  • Will my student be able to meet the challenge of learning, at minimum, the 7th Grade Math content and skills on an abbreviated timeline using the ALEKS online program?
  • Is my student able to ask for help when they do not understand?
  • Is my student willing to commit to daily homework?

All students will be enrolled in Math 8. If you prefer that your student takes Algebra 1 please use this form to select that option: (form sent in email). You must make this request by April 14, 2024.  Please carefully consider this choice.  It may not be possible to change your student's placement mid-year.