Dual Language Program

The Dual Language program in LWSD serves students from across the district using a two-way dual language model. The target language for the program is Spanish. The program is aligned with the guidance and vision from Washington State's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI):

  • "Dual language education is approved by Washington State as the most effective way to develop English language skills for multilingual/English learners." (OSPI, 2022). 
  • OSPI also states that Dual Language is the “only program model that prevents and closes opportunity gaps for multilingual/English learners and other student groups that have been historically underserved”, as shown by decades of research (OSPI, 2022). 

Redmond Middle School’s Dual Language program is part of the school’s core experience. Students currently enrolled in the DL program at the elementary school continue at RMS. Any open spots are filled with student’s whose home school is RMS, prioritizing student language development need.

The program’s goal is to provide 50/50 Spanish/English instruction. Currently we serve 6th grade students and will be adding 7th grade for the 2024-2025 School year. The current program structure is:

  • 6th Grade
    • Math – Spanish Instruction
    • Social Studies – Spanish Instruction, including Spanish Language Arts components
    • ELA – English Instruction
    • Science – English Instruction
    • Electives – English Instruction
  • Projected 7th Grade
    • Social Studies – Spanish Instruction
    • Science – Spanish Instruction
    • Math – English Instruction
    • ELA – English Instruction
    • Electives – English Instruction

For more information, please contact mlprogram@lwsd.org


Julián Cortés
Multilingual and Categorical Programs
jcortes@lwsd.org | 425-936-1390