World Language Pathway

New guidance for World Language pathways for Spanish-speaking students (Heritage and Native Speakers)

Students should have the choice for pathway they pursue, and we recommend the Heritage Pathway, AP Spanish Pathway or Proficiency Testing pathway as the most appropriate for most Spanish-speaking students, regardless of literacy level. Please add this information to your school website.

Guidance is based on OSPI recommendations, feedback from Heritage Student Listening Sessions, and best practices to support multilingual students develop and maintain literacy in their home language. 

Additional resource: Heritage Program Mission and Vision_Final_Sept 2023​ 

Heritage Registration Recommend-ation – Spanish (student and family facing)

Heritage Registration Recommend-ation - English​ (for staff, students and families) 

Video in Spanish – Español para Hispanohablantes 

Video in English – Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Heritage) 

LWSD Heritage Program Webpage