Weeks of December 7 - December 18

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A Message from the Principal

DECEMBER 11, 2020


Dear Families, 

Happy Friday to you!  This week as teachers and staff met for meetings and informal conversations, we all marveled at how quickly the time has flown by and here it is- the end of the calendar year.  For many of us Winter Break will look quite different this year (as might be true for your family as well).  I know am looking forward to having plenty of time for brisk walks outside and cozy reading time inside (look for Ms. Metcalf's Library news below to see how many books your student can check out during the break!).


January 2021 will usher in the registration process for the 2021-2022 school year!  Students will learn how to request their core courses and electives online this year during various registration events.  Registration for the Class of 2025's 8th graders will begin on January 14.  Counselors from Redmond High School will virtually visit 8th grade students in their social studies classes and guide them through the online registration process.  The Class of 2026's 7th graders and the Class of 2027's 6th graders will begin the registration process at the end of January with virtual visits from our RMS counselors.  On January 12, we will welcome the Class of 2028 families to a virtual Incoming 6th grade Family Night.  Families will learn more about Redmond Middle School and plans for next year (including new 6th grade electives).  We are currently putting the finishing touches on our 2021-2022 RMS Course Catalog, which will be available after the Winter Break. 


As always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth!


Be well, 


Dana Greenberg, Principal

Redmond Middle School 



The Tiles in the Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School


Our journey through the Rings of RMS continues...


This tile celebrates Robert Peary's Arctic Adventures-culminating in reaching the North Pole!

On September 7, 1909 the New York Times published an article crediting Robert Peary for discovering the North Pole (after eight attempts over 23 years!).  However, another New York Newspaper (The Herald) printed the week before that "The North Pole is Discovered by Dr. Frederick A. Cook" in 1908- a year earlier.  Who was right? 

In 1988 there was a re-examination of Robert Peary's records commissioned by the National Geographic Society, a major sponsor of his expeditions, which concluded that Peary's evidence never proved his claim and suggested that he knew he might have fallen short.  Cook's claim, meanwhile, has come to rest in a sort of polar twilight, neither proved nor disproved, although his descriptions of the Arctic region- made public before Peary's- were verified by later explorers.  Thanks to Bruce Henderson who is the author of "True North: Peary, Cook and the Race to the Pole".  He teaches writing at Stanford University.  1988 and the Smithsonian Magazine.  


Remember, students designed these tiles.  If anyone in our Redmond community knows the artist of a specific tile, please let us know so we can credit them in a future issue of The Gram.  


The tree rings contain tiles from 1901-2000.  We will continue to post tiles and explore the historic events associated with each tile.  When you are able to visit RMS, we encourage you to look down and find your favorite tile profiled in the Grizzly Gram!  

News from the RMS Library 

Curbside Checkout is going strong- and there are changes happening!!

  1. Extended hours: Pick up and Drop off is now from 8-3:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!
  2. Books can be put on hold for next day pick up by 11:30 the day before.  
    • Books for Tuesday pick up should be on hold by 11:30 a.m. Monday.
    • Books for Wednesday pick up should be on hold by 11:30 a.m. Tuesday
    • Books for Thursday pick up should be on hold by 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.
      • Anything held after Wednesday morning will be ready for Tuesday.
  3. Winter Break Special!!  Students can check out 8 books for Winter Break!


Student Purchasing Committee


Thank you to the PTSA for once again funding the Student Purchasing Committee.  We have had two Informational Meetings for interested students, and the committee is beginning its training for reading book reviews and selecting books!  One Committee goal is to seek books that are representative of our diverse student population.  If students are interested, but did not sign up or attend the initial meetings for information, they can email Ms. Metcalf, the librarian, directly at emetcalf@lwsd.org




InvestED is a critical scholarship program at Redmond Middle School that enables us to support students with essential needs, such as school supplies, clothing and activity fees.  These supports help increase school engagement for students from low-income backgrounds and ensure they have access to the same school experience and opportunites and their peers.  Supporting our students through InvestED has never been easier-  this link will take you to the website (and make sure to choose Redmond Middle School).


Wednesday Class Attendance


On days where learning is asynchronous such as Wednesdays, students can demonstrate that they have attended by logging into their Classroom Teams and participating in the learning activities that their teacher has designed. It is important to note that while asynchronous work can be completed on different days, students are still expected to log in to Classroom Teams (or other platform as directed by their teacher) on Wednesday to show evidence of participation for that day.


Yearbook Photos


Hello Grizzlies!

Did you know that the Redmond Middle School Yearbook is created entirely by students during Yearbook class (an elective class for 7th and 8th graders)? The Yearbook staff are looking for photos for the yearbook of students doing various things while social distancing!  Click on the link and follow the steps to submit a photo that may be featured in the yearbook. Students, please work with your families to submit these photos.  Please make sure all photos submitted are school appropriate and high quality if possible.  You are recommended to submit at least 2 photos.  LWSD policy requires students to sign in with a school account to submit the form, so we recommend you do this on your school computer.  Thank you! (Note: You will have to take the form multiple times to submit photos from different categories). 


IMPORTANT- All 8th Graders are encouraged to submit baby photos (if comfortable to do so).  

Link for Yearbook Photos



Your Yearbook Staff


Technology/computer issues


Reminder: Microsoft Classroom Teams video tutorial for families

Need help using Microsoft Classroom Teams?  Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has created a video tutorial to help families navigate this online learning platform.  Visit http://www.lwsd.org/help/classroom-teams-support


For additional, self-guided support, feel free to look through the below documents to help you navigate the Classroom Teams platform: computer1.png


As always, feel free to reach out to your student's librarian for any help navigating technical issues you may be having like forgotten passwords.  


Additional Help Resources: 


Helpdesk is open for ?  7:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m., 7 days/week.

Families Contact:  Family Technology Access at ftaccess@lwsd.org  425-936-1322

24x7 Parent Help email address:  parentquestions@lwsd.org


District Information 


Reminder: LWSD fields remain closed- playgrounds, tennis courts and tracks are open to the public on evenings and weekends. 


All LWSD Playgrounds, tracks and tennis courts will be closed to the public during the school day from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  All LWSD fields remain closed 7 days a week/24 hours per day.  This is in accordance with city, county and state guidance.  Playgrounds, tennis courts, and tracks are open to the public during evenings and weekends.  Just a reminder that large, organized activities are not allowed.  Play is limited to groups of 5 or fewer.  Face coverings and 6 feet physical distancing are required.  Hands should be washed after play.  Please note that some elementary schools have childcare on site until 6 p.m. so play structures may be in use until that time. 


We will update our communities as more of our facilites open to the public.  


Thank you for your cooperation in helping to slow the transmission of COVID-19. 


   Calendar-color2.png  Calendar

December 21, 2020- January 1, 2021:  No school, Winter Break



January 12, 2021: Virtual Incoming 6th Grade Family Night