Weeks of March 29 - April 9

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A Message from the Principal

April 2, 2021


Dear Families,


Happy Friday to you!

We are preparing for a big change here at Redmond Middle School. As you know, students recently were given a choice: continue with remote learning or return to the RMS campus for in person instruction. About 55 percent of our students elected to come back to campus and 45 percent decided to continue their remote learning. Teachers will be preparing asynchronous lessons for all students to follow for the week of April 12-16, allowing us to prepare classrooms and common areas for the return of students.

What does this mean for families? First, we are changing our bell schedule! School will begin at 8:10 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (for all students). We plan to continue our block schedule (1-3-5 on Monday and Thursday; 2-4-6 on Tuesday and Friday) and we plan to continue personalization and intervention time for everyone. There are a few things that you might talk about with your student to prepare them for this shift in their learning schedule. You might want to begin by discussing:

  • Sleep! We’ve heard from many students that waking up a few minutes before their 9am class has allowed them to stay up later than in years past. Lots of us will need to transition sleep habits! Plan with your student to start going to bed 10 minutes earlier every night between now and April 18 until they are at the point when they are able to wake up and be ready for their 8:10 class (or to catch their 7:15 bus – transportation will reach out to bus riders in the coming weeks with their schedule).
  • Review the elements of the new schedule. School will begin at 8:10 and end at 1:25 pm. Students will have three classes each day (except Wednesday!) and have five-minute passing periods and a 30-minute lunch period. Lunch will be served during the school day (and will be available from the cafeteria for all students). The bell schedule will be available the week of April 12 and we will send it to both you and your student. In the meantime, it might help ease some anxiety if you discuss the start and end times and the various elements of the day  

For students who are returning to the Redmond Middle School campus there are a few things you can practice with your student now (and we will have much more information in the next two weeks!).

  • Practice wearing a mask. Students will be expected to wear a mask while they are at Redmond Middle School (including the bus ride to and from school). They will be allowed to remove their mask while they are eating at lunchtime.
  • Practice Social Distancing. We are all very excited to see each other (teachers included!). Please remind your student that while we can talk with friends we need to be mindful of where we are standing. There will be many signs throughout the campus to help students remember to keep three feet distance in the halls and between seats in the classroom (and six feet when eating lunch in the cafeteria!).
  • Come visit us! Students who are returning to school can come on a tour (specific information is below). We will be happy to show you what RMS will look like when your student enters on April 19. While we are prioritizing 6th graders, we will have time for 7th and 8th graders (and if we run out of space we will send out a note about weekend tours).

We will have much more guidance about back to school protocols (including how we will check students prior to entering the building, how lunchtime and passing periods will work and much more) coming soon. We will send out information directly to you and your student and information will be available on our website beginning Monday, April 5.

We are so excited to welcome our students back to school and are hard at work getting everything in place for a wonderful homecoming.


As always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth!

Be well,


Dana Greenberg, Principal

Redmond Middle School



Ramadan begins on Tuesday, April 13. For students observing Ramadan who would prefer not to be in the cafeteria at lunchtime, please note that we will have the library open and available. The library will be a quiet space at lunchtime for the remainder of this school year- activities will be limited to reading, doing homework, or using computers.


The Tiles in the Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School

Our journey through the Rings of RMS continues…and we stepped over the threshold from outside RMS and are now examining the tiles inside the Great Hall.


Tile 17 is a portrait of Bill Cody, who died in 1917.


There are many fun facts about Buffalo Bill Cody--he fought in the Civil War, hunted buffalos to feed construction crews building railroads (hence the nick name), was a chief of scouts for the Army, became an actor, and later opened his own show!  There are some little-known facts about this larger than life historic figure. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, Bill’s father was killed when arguing against slavery; he supported women’s rights and suffrage; and he supported civil liberties for Native Americans. He also was involved in one of the first federal water development projects!

Remember, students designed these tiles.  If anyone in our Redmond community knows the artist of a specific tile, please let us know so we can credit them in a future issue of The Gram


The tree ring contains tiles from 1901-2000.  We will continue to post tiles and explore the historic events associated with each tile.  When you are able to visit RMS, we encourage you to look down and find your favorite tile profiled in the Grizzly Gram!


School Tours for Students Returning to Building

If you are going to be returning for In-Person school on 4/19, we welcome you to sign up for a tour of RMS! Tours will take place on 4/14 (6th grade), 4/15 (6th grade), and 4/16 from 1:00 to 7:00 pm (All grades). Click on the link to sign up. Please limit visitors to ONE adult per student. We look forward to welcoming you back!






Si va a regresar para la escuela en persona el 19 de abril, ¡le invitamos a inscribirse en un recorrido por RMS! Los recorridos se llevarán a cabo el 14 de abril (6to grad0), 15 de abril (6to grado) y 16 de abril de 1:00 a 7:00 pm (Todos los grados). Haga clic en el enlace para registrarse. Limite las visitas a UN adulto por estudiante. ¡Esperamos darle la bienvenida nuevamente!



Grizzly Spirit Wear is Here!

Hey Grizzlies!

T​his year students participated in designing spirit wear for this year’s fundraiser! Student Voting is over, and we have our winners! You can get either a t-shirt, for $20, or a hoodie, for $35, so you can show your Grizzly Pride. To access the design winners and view the campaign, click on this link: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/rmsspiritwear2021. You can choose between white and red and you can buy your spirit wear between March 29th to April 12th! Have a great day!

Thank You,

ASB Team

Families of Color Online Event




Who: Redmond Middle School, Families of Color
What: Family engagement and support
When: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.
Where: Online, via a link to a live Microsoft Teams event.
Why: To create a safe space to meet others and to build a supportive community.
How: We will send a Teams link via email or text so that you can join our online sessions.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting




Quién: Redmond Middle School, Familias de color
Qué: Participación y apoyo para familia
Cuándo: Cada tercer martes del mes de 6:30 a 7:30 pm.
Dónde: En línea, a través de evento en vivo de Microsoft Teams.
Por qué: Crear un espacio seguro para conocer a otros y construir una comunidad de apoyo.
Cómo: Le enviaremos un enlace de Teams por correo electrónico o mensaje de texto para que pueda unirse a nuestras sesiones en línea.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

News from the Library 


Laptops: If your student is planning to return to in-person learning at RMS, and has not been using the district issued laptop, it’s time to dust it off, charge it up, power it on, and make sure your student remembers the password! Students will not be permitted to use personal devices in the building. They MUST have their District issued laptop. If your student does not have one, contact Elizabeth Metcalf at emetcalf@lwsd.org to schedule a pick up during the week of April 12-16.


Attention 7th Grade Parents! 7th grade English Language Arts students who are NOT returning to in-person learning will need to pick up a copy of Freak the Mighty at school on Thursday, April 15 or Friday, April 16 between 8 am and 6 pm. Books will already be checked out and can be picked up at the gym foyer door. Teachers have given information to students about this. Students who are returning to in-person learning will get their books in their ELA classes.


Student Purchasing Committee has finished their second purchase and has added 57 great books to our library! They will be completing one last purchase, and with a little bump from PTSA, hope to finish the year by making that 75 books! Lists of the new books have been added to the Files on the All About the Books channel on the Library Team.


Curbside Checkout will continue after in-person return to school for all students. For more information, students can check the All About the Books channel on the Library Team. Information about placing holds and picking up books are in the Posts and Files.


Did you know that the RMS library has a WISH LIST!? If you would like to send a book to the RMS library, we will put a label in the front thanking your family or your student. Check it out! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/genericItemsPage/WBGM9WFPCAD3



Do you need book suggestions for your student? Try these recommendations by fellow students: 


The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands: In this book, Christopher Rowe, an orphan, is an apprentice to a kind master. He and his master are apothecaries, whose recipes are kept like a huge secret to keep them from being stolen. One day Christopher finds his kind master murdered in his house. Shocked and now homeless as his house is sealed by the king's men, Christopher finds a secret code left to him by his master. Now Christopher must solve many codes, and puzzles, to find out about his master's death, and more... All in all, a great book with many twists and turns as the young boy and his friend, Tom, try to find Christopher's master's murderers. There are clues in inside clues, codes inside codes. Will Christopher get his revenge and find his master's Murderers?? Read this awesome book to find out. It is for anyone who like mysteries, suspense, twists and turns, and fantasy. A very good book series in my opinion. The 2 books after this are called Mark of Plague, and The Assassin's Curse. (Aaditya Rana)


I would also recommend Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. In this book, Artemis, a young criminal mastermind, sets out to kidnap a fairy and ask for gold in return for her. He has to make a plan and execute it with the help of his bodyguard butler. Artemis is from the family of criminals, and he repeats to himself "Gold is power", as he puts his plan in action. He plans to attempt a rescue mission for his father after getting the gold, but the fairy kind, living deep underground with technology superior than human's, plan to rescue their fellow fairy without paying a ransom. As these two sides clash and attempt to get what they want, they plan lots of tricks and tactics. As the fairies desperately try to free their fellow fairy from Artemis, Artemis plans to escape the powerful weapons and tactics of fairy kind. Will he get the ransom he wants?? or will he fail?? In order to learn the answers to these questions, you must read this book. This is another book for those who like mysteries, suspense, plans, twists and turns, traps, and fantasy. This also one of my favorite books, I recommend you should read it. (Aaditya Rana)


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: In the Kingdom of Norta, people are separated by the color of their blood. There are two colors: Silver and Red. The people with silver color have magical Powers and are considered the "masters" of the people with Red Blood. Mare is a Red, or someone with Red blood. She lives in poverty, and lives in danger of being conscripted when they turn 17 to a war against another Kingdom, The Lakelands. Only red lives go to fight the war. The only escape is if Reds get a job working for others or start a business themselves. Mare's little sister, Gisa, is talented at sewing and has gotten a job, so she will be safe from conscription. Eventually, Mare ends up at the Palace, where the real drama begins. I really enjoyed reading this book, but it nearly gave me a heart attack at the end (and no, I won't say why). I believe people who like Mysteries and books with lots of Plot Twists will enjoy this book, as it has a lot of Plot Twists. If you liked this book, then I would also recommend it's sequel, Glass Sword. Just be warned: This is the best book in the series. This doesn't mean that the rest of the books are bad, it's just that this one is the best, to me. (Darshika Vaideeswaran)


Space Case by Stuart Gibbs: The story takes place on the moon in the year 2040. Dashiell Gibson is a 12-year old living there. His parents are scientists, and NASA picked them to go to the moon along with more people to travel there. Dashiell thinks that living on the moon is horrible, but he is not allowed to talk about how bad the moon is, but instead talk about all the positive things (which again, according to Dashiell, there were no positive things). Soon, one night, as Dashiell goes to the bathroom, he overhears one of the best scientists on the moon talking to someone on the phone. He sounded happy and was talking about something he had found. Dashiell was excited to learn about it, but the next day, the scientist did not share his news with anyone. That was because he died. Dashiell thinks it was a murder, but the other scientists are telling him not to talk about it. Dash makes new friends, new enemies, and a huge list of suspects. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries. There is suspense, friendship, hate, and more. If you like this book, be sure to check out other books in the series. The next book is called Waste of Space. (Saketh Madiraju)


   Calendar-color2.png  Calendar

April 5 to April 9, 2021: Spring break (no school)


April 12-16 2021: Asynchronous learning week 

April 19, 2021: First day for students returning to school in person



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