Weeks of May 10 - May 21



A Message from the Principal

May 14, 2021


Dear Families,


Happy Friday to you!


What a fantastic week we’ve had! We are just finishing our first round of Intramural sports today and the weather certainly has provided a wonderful backdrop for students to engage in sports. We had a terrific group of 130 students (representing both those who are taking their courses in-person and those who are remote learners) participating in volleyball, soccer, kickball, and tennis. Watching the students play on our fields and courts has been such a joyful experience – and a step forward in our hopes to have everyone back on campus in the fall. Another step in that process was the announcement on Wednesday that teens 12-15 years of age are now be eligible to receive the Covid vaccination. Students shared that they were excited to have the opportunity to (finally!) be able to go to movies and sleepovers with friends and attend extended family dinners without worrying about Covid. The conversation helped me reflect on those every day activities that we previously took for granted (like end of the year assemblies in the gym and Field Day fun on our campus) and how much we are all looking forward to welcoming those activities back in our lives when we return to campus in the fall.  

We are in the final planning stages for our end of the year activities (including building tours for students who did not have the opportunity in April, virtual end of the year celebrations, drive-through laptop roll in, and other last week of school events). We will share our final plans with you in the next edition of the Gram.


As always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth!

Be well,


Dana Greenberg, Principal


Redmond Middle School


The Tiles in the Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School 


Our journey through the Rings of RMS continues…


Tile Number 20 commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, providing women with the right to vote. According to The People’s Vote website (a co-sponsored by the National Archives and Records Administration, National History Day, and U.S. News & World Report):

Beginning in the 1800s, women organized, petitioned, and picketed to win the right to vote, but it took them decades to accomplish their purpose. Between 1878, when the amendment was first introduced in Congress, and August 18, 1920, when it was ratified, champions of voting rights for women worked tirelessly, but strategies for achieving their goal varied. Some pursued a strategy of passing suffrage acts in each state—nine western states adopted woman suffrage legislation by 1912. Others challenged male-only voting laws in the courts. Some suffragists used more confrontational tactics such as picketing, silent vigils, and hunger strikes. Often supporters met fierce resistance. Opponents heckled, jailed, and sometimes physically abused them.

By 1916, almost all of the major suffrage organizations were united behind the goal of a constitutional amendment. When New York adopted woman suffrage in 1917 and President Wilson changed his position to support an amendment in 1918, the political balance began to shift. On May 21, 1919, the House of Representatives passed the amendment, and 2 weeks later, the Senate followed. When Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the amendment on August 18, 1920, the amendment passed its final hurdle of obtaining the agreement of three-fourths of the states.



Remember, students designed these tiles.  If anyone in our Redmond community knows the artist of a specific tile, please let us know so we can credit them in a future issue of The Gram


The tree rings contain tiles from 1901-2000. We will continue to post tiles and explore the historic events associated with each tile. When you visit RMS we encourage you to look down and find your favorite tile profiled in the Grizzly Gram. 



Update to Process for Completing Daily Digital Attestation through Skyward Family/Student Access for Middle School and High School Students

All in-person students must complete a health check each day to attest that they have no symptoms of COVID-19 or close contacts with people who have tested positive for COVID-19. The important update is that we are asking students to complete attestation, even if they do not plan to attend school in-person on that day.


You can access more information about Attestation requirements  here.


If you need to pick up your student for an appointment before the end of the school day it would be very helpful to send a note with your student to let us know. Your student can hand the note to Mrs. Silva after they finish attestation (she can be found at the east attestation station- closest to the parking lot!). Mrs. Silva will provide your student with a pass that they can show their teacher prior to coming to the Attendance Office to wait to be picked up.


Once you arrive at school to pick up your student please pull up to the building using the driveway in the south parking lot (closest to the tennis courts- we use the north parking lot for students during our lunchtimes). Please come to the main entrance and ring the doorbell to let us know that you are here to pick up your student. One of our office staff will bring a sign out sheet to the door for you to sign out (so that you do not have to go through our attestation process).


If at all possible we ask that you avoid appointments that would require you to pick up your student between 1-1:25pm as that is the time that we are finishing the school day and preparing for everyone’s departure.


Thanks for your help in keeping RMS safe!

LWSD COVID 19 Vaccine Clinics


Free vaccinations are now available to all students age 12+




Saturday, May 22, 2021

·       Juanita High School (10601 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland)

·       Redmond High School (17272 NE 104th Street, Redmond)



Sunday, May 23, 2021

·       Eastlake High School (400 228th Ave NE, Sammamish)

·       Lake Washington High School (12033 NE 80th Street, Kirkland)

Register in advance:


News From Our Counselors

We are excited to share an upcoming opportunity for a new and free after-school club for K-12 students who identify as Black (African/African Descendent, Afro Latino/a/x, Afro Asian, Afro Indigenous, Caribbean, etc.). Hidden Gems History club will provide students with:


· A safe and supportive space for shared lived experiences and build rapport with other students within the district who are of Black/African descent.

· An opportunity to celebrate their culture, learn about the richness of Black history and how Black people have impacted the world.

· An opportunity to see themselves reflected in the curriculum.

· An opportunity to form mentorship relationships with instructors.


We recognize that approximately 2.2% of students identify as Black/African. These students often do not get to see themselves represented in their curriculum, staff and student body. Because of this lack of representation, these students may feel isolated. Therefore, we are creating the Black Gems History Club.

The launch date for the club is Wednesday May 12, 2021. If you are interested in your student(s) participating in this after school club, please click here or click the hyperlink in the flyer. Please sign up as soon as possible.


RMS Student Talent Show 

Hello Grizzlies! The end of the year is coming up and we want to end this amazing school year with an outstanding talent show! Your student can submit their entry using this link to the Form, but they may only submit one entry per person/group. The following guidelines need to be met for their entry to accepted and put into the final video:

· Their video needs to be school appropriate.

· Their video should not be more than 3 minutes long.

· They need to make sure they say their name and grade in their video (if they are in a group, make sure all the member's names and grades are said in the video).

· Their video is required to be named in a specific format when saved and has been specified more in the last question of the Form.

If their video does not meet these guidelines, it will not be accepted.

Make sure they submit your entry by Wednesday, June 2nd at 11:59 P.M.


Thank you for participating and supporting our school spirit!

The Leadership II Team

RHS Information 

RHS girls soccer Parent/Player Meeting on Thursday 5/27 at 7:30.  It'll be online, for more information for those interested please email smasters@lwsd.org and they can send the link as we get closer


News from the Library

Library News:


Laptops need to be charged nightly! Students who are attending in-person must bring laptops that are fully charged. COVID safety protocols prohibit students from moving freely around in classrooms, and outlets are limited, so students should not anticipate being able to charge laptops during the school day.


End of Year Roll-In: We have some preliminary information. . .more to come!

·       Textbooks are due by Friday, June 11, 2021. If students have textbooks that they are not using, we welcome having them back early! They can be returned to the library’s return bins (one outside near the front doors of the school and one inside the building near the doors to the library).

·       Laptop, power cord, Hotspot Roll-In will be Monday and Tuesday, June 14-15. In-person students will return during school hours. Remote students will drive through after school hours.

·       If a student is fully remote and is not using the District laptop because of other available technology, we can receive it early. Email Ms. Metcalf at emetcalf@lwsd.org to arrange a time.

·       Other information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available.


Library Book Return: ALL library books will be due Friday, June 4, 2021!

·       The last day for any check out/holds will be Friday, May 21

·       The last day of Curbside Pick Up will be Tuesday, May 25 (this has changed).

·       Any books not returned by June 4 will be automatically marked lost. Early book return is welcome. The return bins will remain outside.

Did you know that the RMS library has a WISH LIST!? If you would like to send a book to the RMS library, we will put a label in the front thanking your family or your student. Check it out! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/genericItemsPage/WBGM9WFPCAD3

May 31, 2021: Memorial Day- No School

June 1, 2021: No School