Weeks of October 26 - November 6

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OCTOBER 30, 2020


   A Message From the Principal 



Dear Families, 

Happy Friday to you!  The days are getting shorter but we have still enjoyed some sunshine this week as evidenced by activity on the tennis courts here at school (and thank you to Tracey Gauthier and PTSA for the latest inspirational message on the tennis court face- drive by if you have a chance!).  Next Wednesday, November 4, is the end of our first quarter and we will send out your student's progress report on Friday, November 13.  Remember, the end of the quarter simply marks the halfway point in the semester.  Students will continue to progress through their classes and receive grades for projects, quizzes, and tests until the end of the semester (January 22, 2021).  If you have any questions about assignments or grades please connect with your student's teachers- they are happy to help clarify any class information.  


In other news, our ASB Leadership students have planned a remote Halloween contest that is open now until November 2.  Students received an email Wednesday (October 28) encouraging them to submit a photo of their spooky decorations or crazy costume via Microsoft Forms (they received a link to the form in the email).  The students decided that the winners of the contest would be able to invite three of their friends to join in a Teams meeting with Ms. Morris (our ASB Leadership teacher).  Our students are doing their best to create innovative opportunities to celebrate- even when the celebration is in our remote enviornment. 


Finally, we will be observing Veteran's Day on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.  There will be no asynchronous learning assigned on that day.  Our Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday synchronous schedule will be the same as our weekly remote learning bell schedule.  If you have any questions regarding the weekly remote learning schedule visit our website and scroll down to the Remote Learning Bell Schedule button.  


As always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth!


Be well.  


Dana Greenberg, Principal

Redmond Middle School


The Grizzly Gram will also be posted on the Redmond Middle School Website. 




The Tiles in the Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School.

Our journey through the Rings of RMS continues...


Today's historical event memorialized the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act.  In 1906, American writer Upton Sinclair wrote the novel The Jungle, which highlighted the unsanitary conditions of the meat packing industry.  Mr. Sinclair was quoted as saying "I aimed at the public's heart and by accident I hit it in the stomach," as outraged readers demanded and got the pure food law.


Remember, students designed these tiles.  If anyone in our Redmond community knows the artists of these tiles, please let us know so we can give them credit!


The tree rings contain tiles from 1901-2000.  We will continue to post tiles and descriptions of historic events.  When you are able to visit RMS once again, we encourage you to look down and find your favorite tile profiled in the Grizzly Gram!

RMS Virtual Sports 



Grizzlies, We miss seeing you at RMS and coaching you during after school sports!  To help encourage all students to be active here are some virtual sports activities that you can participate in. 


Season 1 Sports




Cross Country

Complete a 1 mile, 2 mile or 5k (3.1 miles) walk, jog or run.  



Shoot 10 free throws, and see how many you can make



See how many times in a row you can rally with only 1 bounce as you hit a tennis ball against a wall.  Try to alternate between forehand and backhand shots.


Once a virtual sports activity is completed, students should email Rathan Mahendran (rmahendran@lwsd.org) their results to receive a certificate of completion.  Students are also encouraged to send in photos of them completing these activities.  If you need access to a basketball or tennis racket, please email Mr. Mahendran. 



computer1.pngTechnology/computer issues


If you are having problems with your student's laptop, please send an email to ftaccess@lwsd.org (that is the Family Technology Access Helpdesk for the district) and include the following information:

  • School name
  • Student first and last name
  • Grade
  • Technology problem or need

You may also call (425) 936-1322. 

Library Curbside Checkout!

Curbside Checkout is up and running!  Pick up and drop off is every Wednesday from 8:30-10:30 am at the back of the school.  More information is available on the Library website at https://rms.lwsd.org/academics/library.  Instructions for students to set up Destiny accounts and put books on hold are on the All About the Books channel on the Library Team!


Redmond Middle School Library Page


District Information 




School attendance has always been important.  Research has shown a correlation between student attendance and student graduation.  Our students gain more than just knowledge when they participate in learning alongside their peers in rich and challenging environments; they gain the support and development that comes with being in community with peers. This year, learning in a remote environment, it is important to know that attendance is just as important as ever.  Our schools are expected to take attendance every day.  Following are the ways in which our schools account for student attendance on synchronous and asynchronous learning days.


"Live" or Synchronous Instruction Days:

On days where "live" or synchronous instruction is happening, teachers will take attendance based on who is participating in their Classroom Teams meetings.  Students can show that they are present by turning their cameras on or indicating that they are there in the chat feature.  

There may be some circumstances when a student can't make a synchronous class time on a given day but is able to log into their Classroom Teams later that day and engage in the learning activities for that class.  Under new state rules (WAC 392-401A), when teachers are provided evidence of student's engaging in the learning activities for the day, they can also mark the student as being present.  


Asynchronous Instruction Days:

On days where learning is asynchronous such as Wednesdays, students can demonstrate that they have attended by logging into their Classroom Teams and participating in the learning activities that their teacher has designed.  It is important to know that while asynchronous work can be completed on different days, students are still expected to log in to Classroom Teams (or other platform as directed by their teacher on Wednesday to show evidence of participation for that day.  


Reporting an Absence:

If your child is unable to attend school on either a synchronous or asynchronous day, please contact the school to report the absence.  Each school has an "Attendance Line" phone number or email address for families to use to report the absence as excused.  You can reach our school at (425) 936-2441 or RedmondMSAttend@lwsd.org


If you receive an attendance robocall referencing being absent for an online class, please check SKYWARD to see what class you missed before contacting your teacher.  Thank you!


District Attendance Letter in Spanish


RMS 2020-2021 Yearbooks


Don't forget to buy your 2020-2021 Yearbook ONLINE!***

SALE DATE: November 4th- December 9th  ONLINE https://payments.lwsd.org/

COST:  $35


Please login to Online Payments Portal at https://payments.lwsd.org/ to pre-purchase and reserve your copy of the RMS yearbook.  Please note, Yearbooks are pre-paid and extras in June are not guaranteed.  NO REFUNDS.


Questions?  Please contact Ms. Poblete spoblete@lwsd.orgor Ms. Morris kamorris@lwsd.org


  We Want Your Input

Opportunity for Community Feedback: Participate Online-Ends October 30,2020


Lake Washington School District (LWSD) community- we want your input!  The LWSD Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) is offering you an opportunity to tour a virtual "open house" to learn about their recommendations, and to provide your feedback before they move their recommendations to the School Board for approval.  


Virtual Open House Information Link

   Calendar-color2.png  Calendar

  • ​  Sunday, November 1- Daylight Savings Time ends (don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour)
  • Monday, November 2- ASB Halloween Decoration/Costume contest ends  ASB Halloween contest flyer
  • Tuesday, November 3- Election Day
  • Wednesday, November 11- Veteran's Day (NO SCHOOL)




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