Weeks of September 14 -  September 25

Message from the Principal

Dear Families,
Welcome to the end of Week 3 of the 2020-21 school year! Your students are simply amazing. Not only are they attending their synchronous "live" classes, asking terrific questions, and figuring out how to use their asynchronous"on-demand" time but they are reaching out and helping each other navigate the new remote world that we all live in these days. Our teachers are enthusiastically developing lessons and projects for our students in the Teams virtual learning environment and quite frankly we could not be more proud of their collective efforts. In the coming weeks we will highlight stories from the Teams classrooms in this newsletter so stay tuned.

While this is a school year like no other, we are hard at work ensuring that we offer opportunities to participate in some of our most cherished traditions. Next up is Curriculum Night! We will host you in a virtual environment on Tuesday, September 29 at 6:30 p.m. First, we will gather in a live assembly where you will "meet" the staff, hear from me and my terrific administrative team members JaLynn Montes and Stuart Prince, meet your new PTSA President, Alan Rousselle, and learn about the rest of your evening. After the live assembly you are encouraged to visit your student's classes asynchronously using the links specific to your student's schedule. You will receive links to all of these meetings in a Curriculum Night email coming soon. We look forward to sharing RMS, our teachers, and their  programs with you.

As always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth! 

Be well.

Dana Greenberg, Principal
Redmond Middle School


The Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School. 
If you have come to visit RMS you have undoubtly walked across a cross section of a tree's rings. To celebrate the history of Redmond, students were invited to create a picture of a historic event that occurred between 1900-2000. Each tile can be found embedded in the floor of RMS Great Hall and a description of the historic event can be found on the wall outside of the RMS Library. In future issues of the Grizzly Gram we will post tiles and descriptions of historic events and challenge your family to match the tile to the event!
 Don't Forget to Complete Your Microsoft Form
Thank you to all the families who completed their Microsoft Form verifying they had worked with their student to read and understand the LWSD Rights and Responsibilities and the RMS Handbook. If your family has not yet completed the Form, we would appreciate that you complete it by September 30. The links to the Rights and Responsibilities and the Handbook are on the Form. Remember, this has to be done on the student laptop or while logged on to the students account on a different device.  
Curriculum Night - September 29, 6:30 via Microsoft Teams 
This will be a new and novel take on Curriculum Night. Join us live at 6:30 pm to hear from Principal Greenberg, Associate Principals Montes and Prince, and PTSA President Allan Rousselle, You will then have the opportunity to "visit" your student's teachers via recorded videos at your own pace. Please watch for an email from Associate Principal Stuart Prince on Monday, September 28 that will have the link to the live Teams event as well as a list of links that correspond to your student's schedule. If you have any questions please connect with Mr. Prince at stprince@lwsd.org. 
 A word about Attendance
We know that there might be some days during Remote Learning when your student may miss a class or a day of school due to illness or various medical appointments. We still need to hear from you so we can make sure our teachers have the information they need to help your student catch up when they "return" to school. Please contact our new Attendance Secretary, Sharon Ward, at 425-936-2441 or email at RedmondMSAttend@lwsd.org and leave your student's name, grade, the date of absence and the reason for the absence. Thank you!
Picture Day!         

LifeTouch will be at Redmond Middle School from 8 am to 4 pm on 10/7 and 10/14 to take student and staff portraits.  Students will also be issued an photo ID card on these days.  This will be a drive-through event.  COVID safety measures will be adhered to by RMS and LifeTouch. More information will be coming to describe the process in the next issue of the Grizzly Gram (10/2/20).

 Date Time Last Name
Wednesday, 10/7  8am-10am
 Wednesday, 10/14  8am-10am

For more information about picture packages and prices (and to order online) go to www.my.lifetouch.com .Picture Day Event - October 7th & 14th - EVTD2J6MC  

 Vote for Your Favorite Face Mask Design

The RMS PTSA hosted a Face Mask Contest and the student submissions are in! A SPECIAL THANKS to the RMS student artists who have demonstrated the Grizzly spirits by submitting wonderful face mask designs! Now it's time for all of us to choose the winning design that will be our official face mask. Everyone in the RMS community is invited to vote, including RMS staff & students, families, friends, AND neighbors! Just forward this link and invite them to vote before 5:00 PM on September 18, and join the RMS fun!

Link: http://rmsptsa.org/Page/PTSA/MaskContest

Deadline: Friday, September 18, 5:00 PM

Teams Basics for Families
Classroom Teams Family Support provided by Microsoft
Date Time Topic & Link
Wednesday, September 23 12:00 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, September 23 4:30 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, September 23 6:00 p.m. Office hours
Wednesday, September 30 12:00 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, September 30 4:30 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, September 30 6:00 p.m. Office hours
Wednesday, October 7 12:00 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, October 7 4:30 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, October 7 6:00 p.m. Office hours
LWSD Technology Help is Here
If you are experiencing difficulty with technology or just want to review information about Teams then click here to access the LWSD Technology Support Page. If you have a specific software or hardware issue, email ftaccess@lwsd.org.
RMS Helpful Information
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Next Issue of the Grizzly Gram to be published October, 2, 2020