Weeks of September 28 - October 9

Message from the Principal

Dear Families,
What a week we've had here at Redmond Middle School! Our first virtual Curriculum Night was a success (and you can continue to access information tailored to your student by clicking the links in the letter we sent to you on 9/28). Several families reached out to let us know that virtual Curriculum Night worked so well for their families because they could watch specific events at their own pace alleviating scheduling issues, child care needs, and conflicts with work. Curriculum Night coincided with our first virtual spirit week and a student-led live assembly (you can watch here)  Each Spirit Day day had a theme (Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Quarantine Picture Day, Wednesday was Crazy Outfit Day, Thursday was School Spirit Day, and Friday was Character Day! The Leadership II class, led by Kass Morris, did a fantastic job encouraging students to send in pictures of themselves showing their school spirit and we hope to use a few of those on our website later this month. The Yearbook II students hope to use some of those pictures as they begin the design of this year's yearbook!
Speaking of pictures, our activities continue next week with the first of two drive through Picture Days (see article below). We  heard that students missed having a new school ID card this year so we are 100% committed to producing an ID card for each student "on the spot" so they can take them home (and you will be able to order picture packages - those will arrive later in the month).

In other news, this month we plan to survey students during Grizzly Time to find out how they are doing in this remote environment. We also will screen all students on their progress in Math and English. The information gathered from the well-being survey will help inform our planning for social-emotional lessons in Grizzly Time and the information gathered from the Math and English screen will inform Math and English teachers as they develop lessons that provide opportunities for all levels of learners in their classrooms.

s always, it is a great day to be part of the sleuth! 

Be well.

Dana Greenberg, Principal
Redmond Middle School

The Grizzly Gram will also be posted on the Redmond Middle School Website.


1901 (Tile 1)                      1902 (Tile 2)                     1902 (Tile 2B)
The Tiles in the Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School
As promised in our last Grizzly Gram, here are the first three history events memorialized in The Tree Rings of Redmond Middle School. Tile 1 depicts the First Transatlantic Radio Signal (it is represented by the jagged line on the map). Tile 2 depicts the sale of the first stuffed bear named after Theodore Roosevelt in Brooklyn, New York (hereafter known as the Teddy Bear). That same year captures the discovery of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Barnum Brown was credited with the find in Hells Creek, Montana in 1902. Students designed these tiles. If anyone in our Redmond community knows the artists of these tiles please let us know so we can give them credit!
Remember the tree rings contain tiles from 1901-2000. In future issues of the Grizzly Gram we will post tiles and descriptions of historic events and challenge your family to match the tile to the event! 
Picture Day!         

LifeTouch will be at Redmond Middle School from 8 am to 4 pm on 10/7 and 10/14 to take student and staff portraits.  Students will also be issued an photo ID card on these days.  This will be a drive-through event.  COVID safety measures will be adhered to by RMS and LifeTouch. To order photos, go to: mylifetouch.com and enter EVTDBQ82G for the Picture Day ID.  Don't worry about returning anything on picture day!

 Date Time Last Name Begins with...
Wednesday, 10/7  8am-10am
 Wednesday, 10/14  8am-10am
*Wednesday, 10/21: From 8 to 12, there will be a make-up day for students who were unable to attend the first 2 sessions.

The Drive Through Event Instructions
Enter into the main parking lot through the south-side entrance (near the tennis courts).  Follow the cones and signs around the front of the school and drop your student off at the gym-side entrance (opposite the portable buildings near the softball fields).  Once you have dropped off your student, you will be prompted to drive around to the back of the school to pick up your student. 


Students will walk into the gym, get their photos taken, receive an ID card, and then exit through the back doors to meet their parents/guardians (who will be waiting for them in their cars). 

If you have any questions about Picture Day or the drive through instructions please contact Associate Principal JaLynn Montes at jmontes@lwsd.org.

    A word about Attendance
We know that there might be some days during Remote Learning when your student may miss a class or a day of school due to illness or various medical appointments. We still need to hear from you so we can make sure our teachers have the information they need to help your student catch up when they "return" to school and that your student is not marked as "unexcused." Please contact our new Attendance Secretary, Sharon Ward, at 425-936-2441 or email at RedmondMSAttend@lwsd.org and leave your student's name, grade, the date of absence and the reason for the absence. Thank you!

As of 10/5, absences that are not reported by a parent/guardian (by emailing our attendance office at:  RedmondMSAttend@lwsd.org)  or callingwill be marked as unexcused.


Wednesday Attendance:

Please ensure that your student is logging into every class period (1-6) on each Wednesday. Students need to show progress toward learning standards by logging and in and doing some degree of classwork every Wednesday to be marked as present for their classes.  Regardless of whether or not the class is blocked with another class (ELA/SS, math/science), students need to show work in each class to be marked as present for each class.

   Don't Forget to Complete Your Microsoft Form
Thank you to all the families who completed their Microsoft Form verifying they had worked with their student to read and understand the LWSD Rights and Responsibilities and the RMS Handbook. If your family has not yet completed the Form, we would appreciate that you complete it as soon as possible (it was due by September 30). The links to the Rights and Responsibilities and the Handbook are on the Form. Remember, this has to be done on the student laptop or while logged on to the students account on a different device.  
   Teams Basics for Families
Classroom Teams Family Support provided by Microsoft
Date Time Topic & Link
Wednesday, October 7 12:00 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, October 7 4:30 p.m. Teams Basics for Families
Wednesday, October 7 6:00 p.m. Office hours
LWSD Technology Help is Here
If you are experiencing difficulty with technology or just want to review information about Teams then click here to access the LWSD Technology Support Page. If you have a specific software or hardware issue, email ftaccess@lwsd.org.
RMS Helpful Information
RMS Website- Remote Learning Bell Schedule   (scroll down past the pictures!)
Note - there will be a different bell schedule for the week ending October 16 - it is on the Remote Learning Bell Schedule page of the website.  
Next Issue of the Grizzly Gram to be published October, 16, 2020