Laptop Info

Information for use of district laptops and safe use of computers at home.

We are excited to announce an expanded technology program that will help our school enhance student learning this year. Through the Mobile Access for Students program, each student will receive a laptop computer for his or her educational use at school and at home. Teachers will use this technology to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes in the district’s student profile. The program is possible thanks to a technology levy passed by voters in 2010.


  • Information and District Links New program brings laptops into the classroom to improve learning. Every secondary student will have access to a laptop.
  • Laptop Handbook The Mobile Access for Students program allows each student in grades 6-12 to receive a laptop or netbook computer for their educational use both at home and at school. The use of this tool is designed to enrich the learning environment and to assist teachers as they support students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attributes in the district’s student profile. Link to the complete handbook for laptop use.
  • Laptop Handbook en Espanol


Laptop Insurance

Our Laptop Usage Agreement | Español states a student's responsibility for loss or damage to the district provided laptop. You may choose to insure yourself against possible charges. In the event that the district laptop is damaged or lost, you will be personally expected to pay the appropriate fine from the list below. Here are a few of the options available to you for being reimbursed for fines.

  • OPTION 1
    Contact your Homeowner's insurance provider to inquire about possible options to insure your child's netbook.
  • OPTION 2
    Contact the Worth Group for their plan offering coverage for a fee.
  • OPTION 3
    Self-insure. If damage occurs, the school will look to you to pay any fine for damage or loss.
  • More information:

    Find current repair and replacement costs.

    Find more information about district-issued laptops.