Personal Electronics Policy

Cell phones/other electronic devices

In classrooms, hallways and at lunch, students must always follow the cell phone and electronics policy. This includes using earbuds, Air Pods or other personal electronic devices. Students who do not follow these guidelines will have consequences outlined on the RMS website and posted around the school.
Parents/Guardians/Families: Please do not contact your student by cell phone during the school day. This includes calling or texting. You may call the office, and we will be happy to deliver messages that are of an urgent nature. Students may also use the student phone in the office to contact home as needed.


  • Students need to put away their phones when they are in the hallways. This includes going to class, lunch, bathroom and other travel times during school. This will help students get to class on time and reinforce positive behavior.
  • Students need to put their phones away during lunchtime. This will reinforce positive behavior in the lunchroom. 
  • Students may not use their phones in the bathrooms or locker rooms.

Students who use their phone during lunch, hallways, or bathrooms will experience the following consequences:

  • 1st week of school
    The student receives a verbal warning to put the phone away. 
  • 2nd week of school and beyond
    The cell phone is taken away and stored safely in the main office. The student may pick it up at the end of the school day.
    • If the cell phone has been taken before, then the student's parent or guardian must come to school to pick up the phone. 


Students need to put away their phones during class time. Teachers may give approval for student cell phone use. This must be approved each time and may only occur within the supervised walls of the classroom.

Students who use their phone during class without teacher approval will experience the following consequences:

  • 1st incident
    Teacher gives a private reminder to put phone away.
  • 2nd incident
    Cell phone collected by teacher, student picks up at the end of the period.
  • 3rd incident
    Teacher speaks privately with student, the phone is collected and put in the office, the student picks it up at the end of the day, and the teacher contacts parents via email or phone to partner.
  • 4th incident
    Cell phone is collected and brought to the main office or teacher may request support to pick up the phone. Parent/guardian picks up the phone at the end of the day.