Future 6th Grade

Dear Future RMS 6th Grade Families,

We are so looking forward to welcoming your children at Redmond Middle School next fall!

Here is an update about the 6TH Grade Orientation & Registration presentation RMS counselors will be providing to our feeder Elementary Schools in your child’s classroom. Outlined in the key information below about the 6th grade registration process. 

Need-to-Know 6th Grade Registration Information for Parents:

  • 6th Grade Orientation & Registration Presentations will take place the week of January 19th virtually.
  • Elective Registration Options:
  • Music elective (Full Year): Choir, Cadet Band, Foundations Orchestra, or Cadet Orchestra


  • Grizzly Experience (Full Year): Introduction to Art, Family and Consumer Sciences, Engineering, and Modern Music History (10 weeks for each)
  • Discussion with your child about middle school and elective choice

      As students enter middle school, they seek increased independence, choice, and decision-making. We believe that our        annual registration process provides an ideal opportunity for a conversation about electives that can support all of these growth areas. After your child’s presentation, we encourage you to invite your child to have a conversation where they can be the expert about middle school, talk about their future middle school self, and express what elective they are most excited about and why.

  • Attached Registration Documents
  1. 6th Grade Electives: Descriptions of the electives 6th Grade Electives for 21-22 
  2. 6th Grade Registration Form: This is a guide document for students to review to help them understand their elective options. 6th Grade Reg FORM 21-22 
  • Redmond Middle School 6th Grade Registration 2021-2022 Survey: This Microsoft Forms survey will be emailed to all families on Friday, January 22nd when we have finished visiting all of our elementary students. In this survey, you will mark which elective option your child chose for 6th grade. This survey will be sent out via email with a link.


Important:  You do not need to complete any additional registration documentation other than this survey. The linked forms above are for your reference only.