Future 8th Grade

Dear future  8th Grade Parents and Guardians,

Registration for 8th Grade will be happening at the end of the month and this year, we are moving from pen and paper to having everything be on Skyward. Students will get a chance to register themselves for electives that they would like for next year.

 Students during their 7th grade Social Studies classes will be discussing registration and the new Skyward process. Then, during the week of January 25th, school counselors will be going into students’ 7th grade Science classes to help while students register themselves.

Need-to-Know 8th Grade Registration Information for Students and Parents:

As a future 8th grader, a student can choose for electives:

  • 3 Semester courses, OR​
  • 1 Year-long and 1 Semester course, OR​
  • 2 Year-long courses​

What’s different about the 8th grade schedule?

  • Classes are not blocked
  • Students have the opportunity to take a World Language
  • Students will need to meet certain requirements (pre-requisites) to be eligible for Honors or more rigorous courses in 9th grade
  • Math Pathway:
    • 8th Grade Math: For students in Math 7 this year 
    • Algebra 1: For students who meet qualifying criteria and want this challenge *Information about the Algebra Aptitude Test date and placement qualification criteria will be sent to families by our Administrative Team in the near future. 
    • Geometry: For students who successfully complete Algebra 1 in 7th grade 

Students will also have an opportunity to take a yearlong world language in one of the following: 

  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Japanese 

Two years of a world language is a requirement for high school graduation. You may use your 8th grade world language to meet the first year of this requirement.  

Note: WA state offers a World Language Competency test. This test is administered to students when they are in high school. Depending upon your level, you can earn up to four high school world language credits through this test. Here is the LWSD link for additional information:  https://www.lwsd.org/schools/high-school/high-school-guide/world-language-credit-options/world-language-faqs 

If your student is considering Honors-Level or Rigorous Courses in 9th Grade, here are some important Redmond High School requirements (prerequisites) to be aware of: 

  • Honors Biology: Earn a B+ or higher in both semesters of 8th grade science. 
  • Chemistry: Must concurrently be enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher in 9th grade. 
  • Algebra 2 Honors:  Algebra credit earned with a Grade B or higher in both semesters and Geometry credit earned (passing) 
  • Honors English: Earn a B or higher in both semesters of 8th grade English. 
  • Honors World History 1: Earn a B or higher in both semesters of 8th grade U.S. History 2. 
  • Art 1 Honors: Middle school Art class with an A grade or equivalent experience. 
  • Computer Science & Engineering: Complete Algebra 1 before high school. 

Note: Requirements for Eastlake High School and Tesla Stem High School may differ from those listed above. 

  • For Eastlake, go to their website, click on the “Counseling” tab at the top of the webpage, then click on their most current Course Catalogue for specific prerequisite information. 
  • For Tesla Stem, go to their website, click on “Academics” at the top of the webpage, then click on the most current Course Catalogue

High School counselors will meet with students next January to more fully explain 9th grade registration and updated options and requirements. 


Please have a discussion with your child about middle school and elective choice

As students enter 8th Grade, they seek increased independence, choice, and decision-making. We believe that our annual registration process provides an ideal opportunity for a conversation about electives that can support all of these growth areas. After your child’s presentation, we encourage you to invite your child to have a conversation where they can be the expert about middle school, talk about their future 8th grade self, and express what elective they are most excited about and why.


Attached Registration Documents

  • 8th Grade Electives: Descriptions of the electives
  • 8th Grade Registration Form: This is a guide document for students to review to help them understand their elective options. They do not need to sign it or turn it in. It is for them to keep as a reference tool.